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Join us on Tuesday April 29, 2014 for eSAC's "Beyond Borders: Migration, ICTs and Health" Open Panel to explore how ICTs can help improve the health of migrants. Our panelists will offer insight on the following questions among others: 1. Which health conditions make migrants a vulnerable group? 2. Which health related situations can be addressed through the use of ICT? 3. How have ICTs contributed to migrant health? Could you provide some examples? 4. What potential do you see in the use of ICTs to improve migrant health? leer mas >>
¿Conoces algún proyecto en América Latina y el Caribe que esté usando las tecnologías de información y comunicación (TIC) en sus intervenciones de salud pública? Si sabes de alguno, ¡cuéntanos! leer mas >>

¿Qué uso de TIC en adultos mayores te gustaría conocer más?

Tema 3: Envejecimiento, TIC y salud pública

Aunque actualmente la proporción de adultos mayores en América Latina y el Caribe es menor que en otras regiones del mundo, como Europa Oriental o algunos países asiáticos, es innegable que la estructura por edades de la población latinoamericana está cambiando. Según datos de la Comisión Económica para América Latina (CEPAL), la proporción de la población de 60 años o más en la región pasará del 8% en 2000, a 14.1% en 2025 y a 22.6% en 2050.
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Actualmente la población mundial de 60 años o más representa el 11% de la población y se espera que para el 2050 se incremente al 22%. En ese mismo año el número de personas mayores de 80 años será de 400 millones. De todos ellos, el 80% vivirá en las regiones no desarrolladas.   leer mas >>
This fact sheet has been developed as a tool to provide a basic understanding of the potential of ICT to assist aging populations to achieve better health. The fact that people are living longer worldwide means that it is important for countries to be even more efficient in planning for health.   leer mas >>
This article provides information relating to the changing demographics in Latin America, comparisons to world trends and expected impacts. You can read more at:
Every day, approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age. This means that with every sentence of this article you read, approximately one baby boomer is retiring. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that many Boomers haven’t saved nearly...
Disponible en El envejecimiento y la urbanización de la población son dos tendencias globales que, juntas, constituyen fuerzas importantes que caracterizan el siglo XXI. A medida que las ciudades crecen...
E-health interventions targeting older adults seem to be a promising approach in domains including depression, anxiety disorder, and dementia – three of the most prevalent mental disorders in old age. Further, these technical innovations (e.g.,...
Available online at: “This report outlines the findings from a three-pronged approach that includes: 1. Establishing a database of existing mHealth tools related to FLHW performance and accountability 2. Conducting a...
Available online at: “Reducing child mortality rates has been made a global priority. In existing policy, this is evident through the United Nations (UN) Millennium Declaration that established eight Millennium Development Goals...
The Wellesley InstituteFebruary 2009 "eHealth, Equity and Health Transformation.Ontario is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation of its health system. The emerging overall provincial health strategy is founded on three...
Osit, N. (2012, May 22). Health 2.0: Who’s not at the table?. OccupyHealthcare Blog. Retrieved from: "We should seek to create a truly collaborative healthcare environment,...

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